Your ancestors come back to life when family history becomes a novel! Do you have mountains of genealogical information which, for all your time and energy, are little more than lists of names and dates and indecipherable family trees? Read Rabbit George and Me and find a blueprint of how to turn your history into an absorbing and compelling tale. A tale which will be sure to be read by present and future generations of your family. Your ancestry research will not have been in vain!

Opening in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the mid 1800’s, and deftly weaving through to the present day, the story of “Rabbit George’, his three wives and twelve children is guaranteed to be devoured by the Smith family’s descendants. But the general reader will find much that is of interest, whether it’s journeying to Utah to learn about distant Mormon relatives, or to the far flung places so many descendants have settled. Rabbit George and Me will take you on a trip through time, and around the world, and will deliver you back home eager to craft your own family’s tale. 

Bring your ancestors back to life! Read Rabbit George and Me and discover a new way to ensure your family history is not only passed down, but is enthusiastically embraced by the generations to follow.



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